If you don’t know what “WTF” means, maybe you shouldn’t be playin’. I know because I have two teens-one in college, one in high school-that are skilled in “texting” (another example of a noun turned into a verb.)

Seen on the Super Bowl broadcast. Mostly ads.

  • Some vacuum cleaner is blowing air into some robot. Hose gets disconnected, blowing dust all over the screen. WTF.
  • Something like, “Dunkin Donuts gets things done each morning.” WTF.
  • For all those wanting to watch all the Super Bowl ads, go to some web site after the game. WTF.
  • We get to watch some dog lapping water out of a stainless steel bowl. In high def, the reflections off the bowl look pretty neat. But, WTF.
  • Several female people with names I didn’t recognize, sitting in those suites that us normal people couldn’t get close to. Were they drunk and/or pregnant? WTF.
  • Some guy takes a set of jumper cables, connected to a car battery, and attaches them to his nipples. Drinks some drink. Some other car starts. WTF.

And finally, the Giants have beaten the Patriots. 17-14. WTF.


One response to “WTF

  1. That was sort of my reaction to the Giants/Patriots news. WTCF.
    (Where’d that come from) So much for the perfect season.

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