Irritating Language

Words and phrases that seem redundant, obtuse, marketing-speaking, or just plain stupid. Please feel welcome to add to my less than exhaustive list.

  • Upcharge. In market-speak, apparently this means that we’re going to charge you more. Redundant. You pay more, the bill goes up.
  • Back in the day. Modern way of saying “in the old days, when we were young.” My question: which day do we go back to? Monday? How about Tuesday?
  • Gift. A word-saving verb that means to give a gift. Back in the day, we didn’t gift our friends and family, we gave them a nice present. I like the idea of giving.
  • Regift. Another word-saving verb. Regifting is what people do when they are gifted with stuff they don’t like. Back in the day, we’d save these gifts for a rummage sale or yard sale.
  • Ingathering. This is a big made up word at our church. In the fall, we have a service, ingathering everyone in the congregation from their summer travels. Redundant. How else does one gather? Outgather?

4 responses to “Irritating Language

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  2. I’ve heard of everything except Ingathering. It sounds like a Bushism, therefore I don’t like it. My personal peeve has been “New and Improved”. If it’s new, where does the improvement come in????

  3. The only place I’ve ever heard “ingathering” used is at our UU (Universalist Unitarian) church. It is usually referring to a gathering of people. It’s redundant at best, meaningless, and quite irritating.

  4. I love to track neologisms but hate to see the ones that are market driven.

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