And Another

While we’re on the topic of bumper stickers, here’s an excellent one I found hanging on the wall in the office of a colleague of mine.



One response to “And Another

  1. Neal Hi,
    nice site and you seem to well adavanced in your filemaker tecniques.
    I have worked for years trying several types of databases and finally settled for filemaker as it seems to hold massive amounts of data and does not slow down as noticeably as most of its competitors.
    I have inputted 3 years of uk racing into 1 endless database sheet.
    which equates to 130.000 records at the moment it is non relational.
    Being a relative novice to filemaker and reluctant to make changes to it that would maybe have a negative impact or influence,is there anyway that i can get advice on it and its specialised development.
    Perhaps you may know of someone with who i may communicate with this in mind.
    I would appreciate any advise
    Best wishes
    Dave B.

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