Bush: Worst President Ever

I don’t know if I ever stated in this blog that I thought current President of the United States George Bush will go down as one of the worst Presidents ever. But I’ve sure thought it.

According to this article in Harpers Magazine, a poll of 109 historians who have actually done the comparisons, agree, find President Bush the worst ever.

History News Network’s poll of 109 historians found that 61 percent of them rank Bush as “worst ever” among U.S. presidents. Bush’s key competition comes from Buchanan, apparently, and a further 2 percent of the sample puts Bush right behind Buchanan as runner-up for “worst ever.” 96 percent of the respondents place the Bush presidency in the bottom tier of American presidencies.

Do take a moment to read the article, to see on what grounds they base their evaluation.

As I mentioned about, I agree, because Bush and his cronies have lead our nation down a very destructive path. During his time in office his administration has:

  • Bankrupted our country with this ridiculous war in Iraq.
  • Trampled our civil liberties and the Bill of Rights.
  • Ignored all warnings of possible ecological disasters.
  • Placed our nation in such debt that my children will not be able to get out from under.
  • Destroyed much of the goodwill other nations felt towards the US.
  • Made our nation much less safe from both terrorism (“tearism”) and other threats.
  • Established a corrupt government acting with little regard to the needs of our citizens

Our nation direly needs a change in direction. Fortunately, within a year will have a new president in office. In the meantime, study these candidates for President carefully and thoughtfully. Consider their values, leadership abilities, and their vision. Turn off the television, listen, and read what these folks who are going to guide our country have to say. Register to vote! In November, exercise your right! Vote!

As I completed that last paragraph, the thought flashed through my mind that my son, Joshua, is now eligible to vote in his first Presidential election. I must remind him to register and then vote, even though he is away at school.


2 responses to “Bush: Worst President Ever

  1. I had heard about this quite a while ago. I have to say, I do not think history will judge Bush kindly (or America for actually voting for him–the second time around).

  2. I’m not a historian but I do agree on the worst president (so far) in the history of presidents.

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