Proof, Once Again

A young guy walks into a Dallas bank and steps up to a teller to cash a check. At this juncture, everything is normal. Only the check is Texas-style big, as in the amount of $360 billion dollars ($360,000,000,000). Not made out to the current holder of the check, of course.

This enterprising young man then claims the check is from his girlfriend’s mother as an offer to help him start a record company.

Soon after, police are involved and there allegations and charges of forgery, weapons, and not surprisingly possession of the evil, foul, scourge of America, marijuana.

If you wish, you may read all about it in the Dallas Morning News.

$360 billion to start a record company? Those are some expensive records, I’d say.

Proof once again, that there are some really stupid people in the world.


One response to “Proof, Once Again

  1. I did read this one. What was he thinking? Oh yea, he wasn’t.

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