Economic Stimulus

Today, our family received our “Economic Stimulus” check from the US Government. A check, by the way, that our country can ill afford to be sending when they are trillions of dollars in debt.

The theory behind these checks is that the American people will go out and spend that easy money on more consumer goods that they don’t need, thus stimulating the economy. Or at least the bottom lines of the large corporations and their lobbyists who concocted this scheme.

Some will spend more than their check on much more stuff they don’t need, charging purchases to their already overloaded credit cards, thus economically stimulating the bottom line of selected financial institutions.

In this household, we plan to take this blood money (and it is), and use it to provide economic stimulus to our own family. The bulk of those dollars will be used to pay off debt, the remainder being invested for our future. Folks, the consumption orgy is over. Turn out the lights and put a few bucks back for your future.

That’s the best Economic Stimulus I can think of.

As my Economics professor reminded us just about every class, in his pre-lecture monologue, “there is no such thing as free lunch.


4 responses to “Economic Stimulus

  1. We’re spending ours on a vacation. God knows we need one. At the same time, I’m not fooled. This trip is basically on our kids’ credit cards via National Debt.

  2. Enjoy the vacation. Are you sure it’s just the kid’s debt? And not your grandchildren’s debt also?

    Sad. Very sad.

  3. I no longer participate in the debt merry-go-round. The X was really into that. My needs are simple. If I need it, I pay cash for it. I’m stimulating my savings account.

  4. Catty, that is a wise way to go. It goes a long way to keeping you sane, healthy, and wealthy. I do use the credit card some, but keep the balances low and often paid off. We have one card with a large balance, but it’s at 0% interest and will get paid off before they start charging us for it.

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