May You Burn

Sophmom recently posted an article on her blog referring to a story in Salon, entitled How Karl Rove played politics while people drowned. I highly recommend the article, as it delves into the despicable political games played while the people of New Orleans, that happens to be a city in the United States, suffered in one of the worst disasters in our short history.

The Bush government is not only inept, it’s corrupt and just plain wrong. It’s a government that’s more than willing to sacrifice those it serves for its own political expediency.

I usually don’t read they myriad of comments found after stories like this one, but this particular comment by someone known as “tangerine” got my attention:

burn in hell forever
Bush, Rove, all of them. They stole the White House, then eight years of our national life, and actual lives in New Orleans and Iraq. I can’t really express my rage properly.


9 responses to “May You Burn

  1. southernvoice

    The definition of America has literally changed during 8 years of Jewish neocon rule. We are seeing the Israelization of America.

    Next they will take us into bombing Iran based upon Jewish lies. Jews own Barack and McCain who make fools of themselves swearing loyality to podunk Israel. May God push Israel into the sea.

  2. I’ll leave your comment here, southernvoice, as much as I find your antisemitism despicable.

    Actually, I have trouble understanding your line of thinking. It seems to me that the neocons, if you must, want to create a Christian state to the exclusion of most other religions including Judaism.

    This is certainly not how the base from which our country was founded.

  3. Goodness! I’ve completely forgotten what I was going to say after reading comments. I can only agree with your reply, Neal. So strange to imagine arriving at essentially the same position but by such a different path.

    As for your post, thank you very much for the shout out and especially for spreading this word. I couldn’t believe it when I first read the article. I really thought I was fully jaded, that nothing could surprise me, that my rage could not be increased (it’s most certainly altered the course of my life). I was wrong. I’ve read it over and over again and encourage everyone I know to read it. It still shocks me.

    I just heard Scott McClellan say on Olbermann that he’s going to testify before Congress. Given his revelations, the information in the Alexander piece and having just watched HBO’s Recount, I can’t help but feel like our country was hijacked by criminals.

  4. “…our country was hijacked by criminals.”

    Closer to the truth, Sophmom. And the sad thing is that most of the people in this country don’t quite see that, and would happily vote for the criminals again.

  5. Well, I wasn’t at all shocked by anything in the article, but that comment sucked the breath right out of me. My God, the ignorance of people.

  6. I feel really dense saying that I don’t understand what southernvoice is even trying to say or get across.

  7. Anonymous,
    It seems that southernvoice thinks that it’s some sort of Jewish cabal that has been in power for the last 8 eight years, and that they are really behind this war and inciting our country to bomb Iran.

    Smacks of antisemitism to me.

  8. These last eight years have been a black mark on the history of these United States. Over at Michelle’s she points out that a motion for impeachment has been raised and again rebuffed. She also gives a link to the 35 Articles of Impeachment drawn up by Dennis Kucinich, just in case we have forgotten the list of crimes that dominated the news every couple of weeks. Why won’t this nation hold these criminals accountable???

  9. I honestly believe it would go a long way towards healing the nation to have them face consequences for their acts, even if it’s only Rove. He was the “architect”. Well, Cheney would be nice too, but I guess we can’t have everything. I thought Kucinich’s effort was very noble. I think not impeaching damages our nation. JMHO.

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