What a Wonderful World

Normally, I despise political campaign ads because they are normally an attack on the opposition rather than anything about the advantages of a particular candidate.

In the last few days, however, the Barack Obama campaign released this ad that brought a smile to my face.  For those of you who might be labeled Baby Boomers, you might even remember the tune from your teenage days.

Let me direct about my leanings right now.  I support Barack Obama because I believe he brings a needed wind of change to America.  I think our nation has been following a sadly incorrect path of the past eight years or so and that we need to move in a different direction.  Senator McCain presents himself as a man of honor, but I’m afraid his policies and direction will be no different than those of the current administration.

What do you think of the Obama ad?  Does the US need a change of direction such as Obama might represent?  Add your thoughts and comments.


5 responses to “What a Wonderful World

  1. Like you, I dislike negative ads, but that did make me smile. OMG, that hug!

  2. I had to review the video. But, you mean that hug.

    Wasn’t that sweet?

  3. Lol, I love this add. They haven’t played it around here.

  4. I haven’t seen much of it around here either. Maybe it got “banned”?????

  5. I sure have seen plenty of it in southern Ohio.

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