It’s A New World

Back in July 2008, about 100 of us singers in the community joined together to create the video below.  The song, It’s a New World, was written by two guys incarcerated in Warren Correctional Institute near Lebanon, Ohio.

The video, which is a little over 9 minutes in length, features a diverse group of Cincinnati singers; children and adults, from various ethnic backgrounds, lifestyles, and beliefs.  We came together to make beautiful music to help bring needed change in this country.  The video contains words from Barack Obama, but regardless of your political choices, enjoy the music.

Oh, by the way, you can find me in some of the footage from 2:10 to 3:12.  That’s me, wearing a black t-shirt with Voices of Freedom (my choir) singing away and clapping my hands.

It’s a new world!


4 responses to “It’s A New World

  1. Nice music! It’s a new world and a new look to your blog. Festive.

  2. Thanks for the feedback on the look of my blog. Ain’t technology great? Thanks to Cascading Style Sheets behind WordPress, I can change it anytime.

    I’m glad you enjoyed the music. What a joy it was to sing it!

  3. What a great song! Watching you reminded me of dancing in the aisles at GA.

  4. I had forgotten about all of us doing that at GA. That brought a smile to my face.

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