Cincinnati Prejudice

The image below is a sign found in front of Salem Hardware, 6401 Salem Road in Cincinnati.

No room for prejudice and hatred

No room for prejudice and hatred

Racism, hatred, and religious prejudice are not American values and do not belong in the American democratic process.  Our nation was founded in part by people running from religious prejudice, yet years later many in America fail to recall those core values.

When contacted, Salem Hardware espouses their right to “freedom of speech” in maintaining this sign in the front of their store. If you live in Cincinnati and find yourself offended by what is implied in the display of this sign, consider whether you wish to do business with such a company.  Additionally, exercise your own “freedom of speech” to let others know your opinion of Salem Hardware and their sign.


39 responses to “Cincinnati Prejudice

  1. I wouldn’t be surprised if this ended up making the national news — once again casting Cincinnati in a negative light.

  2. Apparently it’s been up for awhile, as the email that was forwarded to me is from around October 16. I hope that little publicity is given as not to bring attention to the store. The best thing we can do is spread the word and let people vote with their wallets.

  3. Is eliminating freedom of speach part of you plan of “change”. No, thank you. Last time I checked, socialism didn’t work.

    I will go out of my way to patronize his store… and I will vote to preserve my rights. McCain ’08

  4. I have no problem with “freedom of speech”, nor do I think it should be eliminated. On the other hand, I would exercise my freedom of speech to let folks know what I think of the message.

  5. I am constantly amazed at what happens in our world! I read the story in the Forrest Hills Journal today. Salem Hardware says it is like a parody skit on Saturday Night Live. You might love it or you might hate it. Well, I do NOT love it! I am sending my energy to our community and our country that we might move beyond these kinds of petty parodies. I envision a community filled with open-minded and responsible people. Amen!

  6. That sign just doesn’t seem to have the flavor of a good-natured parody.

    If I’m correct, even Sarah Palin laughed at Tina Fey’s rendition of her. Others have done the same on SNL. I wonder if Senator Obama would react in the same positive fashion after viewing that sign.

    My wish is also for a community of open-minded and responsible people. I’m tired of the divisiveness that has been a part of American politics and society. Regrettably, I believe that sign perpetuates those bad vibes.

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  8. The sign in front of Salem Hardware is disgusting and should be taken down immediately. Bigotry and racism has no place in Anderson Township. I am ashamed.

  9. I hope this does make the national news, to communicate the mindset that persists in our community.



  11. Upon further inspection of the distasteful sign, I am disturbed to see the Muslim faith is also referenced with the necklace and the spelling of Obama’s name. Our neighborhood, community, state and country are all being harmed with this disgusting sign. It should be taken down today. I understand wanting national coverage of this attack and reference to Obama being a Muslim, but I don’t want Cincinnati seen once again as a bigoted, racist, narrow minded community in the national news. Barack Obama is not a Mulsim. Neighbors, unite…everyone call Salem Hardware and ask them to remove the sign because it is false and misleading. It is not freedom of speech to attack someone with bigotry and hate.
    Take down the sign!

  12. I was under the impression that Obama left his race off his application to Harvard, so I don’t see how affirmative action moved him “past” anyone. What is it about hate-mongers and spelling?

  13. Spelling and CAPITAL LETTERS. Also known as “yelling” in the ‘Net world.

    That’s what I’d like to see get out of our political discussion. Yelling, hatred, and bigotry. We have a lot to do in this nation of ours, and these things have no place.

  14. So the Obama group that papered his store Saturday night is better than he. Classy work by them. Check the Hamilton County Police reports for Sat. night and there will be a vandalism charge at his location. My neighbor can not even leave her McCain street sign out at night because 2 have been stolen. Obama has got a classy grade of supporters!

  15. @Anonymous, you are quite correct. Vandalism is no appropriate than the offensive sign that is there. Whether that includes “papering” a property or stealing a sign.

    Neither prejudice, hatred, or vandalism should be a part of the democratic process.

  16. These hardware people are not only ignorant but hurting other businesses in the area. Makes you wonder, since the “lawnmower” place next door is on board with this nonsense, what about Ulmer’s, Salem Gardens, Angilo’s? I won’t patronize any business in the area any longer. Also, might want to check out, of which salem hardware is a proud sponsor.

  17. I can’t imagine the other businesses in the neighborhood are onboard with that prejudice of a neighbor. Salem Gardens is a great place to gather and has been an outstanding member of that area for ages.

  18. Saw the article in the paper awhile back and just today saw the sign Obama bin lying on their sign. What’s the implication? That Obama and Osama are the same, in cahoots? It seems that “Country first” only pertains to when it’s your candidate that wins? So much for “family values” and so much for any business I would have sent their way!

  19. This country still has a long way to go. I was fearful of the ignorance and hatred that I saw before the election. I’m downright disgusted by the trash I’m hearing and seeing since the election. Where are these people’s shame?

  20. Why is it when someone doesnt share your views you call them ignorant or hate mongers? Your arrogance is amazing…ignorance is millions of people voting for a candidate because he is black and not for his experience or track record. If Barack Obama was a white man, he wouldnt have even been considered. 94% of Blacks in america voted for him and thats not racism??? pleeeease…………….If the gentleman at Salem Hardware wants to practice his “Freedom of speech” then it’s his right, you don’t get to choose his ideas and beliefs, he does! Suck it up…Besides, I have to suck it up for at least the next four years, while some unexperienced smooth talking politician (Obama Clinton) (who you so called “Educated”people fell for) turns our country upside down with his socialistic, proven to fail, agenda while at the same time blaming George Bush for his own failures(4 more years of blame)………………..Change is coming alright, so go drink some more Koolaid!

  21. Patriot, I would drink some Koolaid, unfortunately, I try to avoid drinking stuff with as much sugar as is in Koolaid. But then, that’s not all that germane to the issue at hand.

    I guess we just disagree, and that’s OK. I don’t see President-Elect Barack Obama as a candidate with policies destined to fail. As you can imagine, I voted for him, and am hopeful that he can bring some positive change to our nation, that I believe needs it.

    As to Salem Hardware, Patriot. Look, I am not complaining about their right to freedom of speech. That is indeed one of the great things about our country. On the other hand, I respectfully disagree with the sign and its implications that is the point of this blog post. This is my blog, and in my article I am stating my opinion that the Salem Hardware sign (which is not there now) is racist. My opinion, that is all.

    The electorate of these United States has spoken, electing Barack Obama as the next President of our great nation. I understand that you may not like that, Patriot. But we live in a democracy and the man is our next President.

    If you don’t like that, work with the people that can help you bring about the change you desire. Oppose him, create a dialog. But please. Quit the name calling.

  22. we all have the freedom of speech but you don’t have to say it aloud and hurt other peoples feelings you racist….


    Salem Hardware certainly was on the right track with their sign! The sign remains up inside their store for people to remember the days before socialism. Obama played the Black Card to get elected. Now he want’s to kill our kids through abortions. Pro-Murder obama. The world would have been a better place if a mother would have aborted him… Oh well-

  24. I agree with Salem Hardware’s right to free speech and if he wants to put someting up that you might feel is racist, tough crap for you. I guess racism is all relative, isn’t it? And you people who try and be sooooo politically correct that you can’t see past the ends of your noses, quite frankly, make me sick!!! It’s you and the same type of people as yourselves that will turn this country into something that we won’t recognize anymore. Good luck on turning it into The Socialist States of America!!!!!

  25. SalemHdwewasRight!

    Amazing that Salem Hardware was Sooo Right and Sooo Correct. The Tea Party was organized since your article and 60+ out of the house. Add up all the local democratic Judges, etc- The Message is clear. Americans will not accept Obama as President any longer.

  26. Racism is never right. Ever. Nor is bigotry or whatever you want to call it.

    And I don’t quite see the mandate against Obama in the election.

  27. Let me add another comment, Salem Hardware defender.

    You’re one of the haters out there that try to corrupt the political process by spewing your foul words of hatred. The article was written several years ago before the election. If you closely read the article, assuming you can read, you’ll note that it is not about Obama, it was about bigotry, racism, and hatred.

    Those characteristics are certainly not American.

  28. Ryan B Thomas III

    the only one who should be insulted by the sign is MR. “T”

  29. Wow they act like somebody burnt a cross in the WHITE house lawn
    Does he have room for a hanging gallery in front ??
    Look how a pic of a black suddenly becomes racist to any one who doesent agree His Store he can do what he wants
    There is no 1st without the 2nd
    Hay Neil hows that HOPE & Change working out for you

  30. Altho I am rabid in my dislike of Obama, what he & his dishonest cronies have done to our country, & his politics in general, I don’t like this sign. Altho the owner of the store may have thought it was a parody, it LOOKS more like a racial, as well as political, comment. He could have gotten his point across in a different way, which would probably have garnered more positive reaction & less loss of business. However, I do respect his right to free speech. We all need to use better judgement in that speech at times tho.

  31. SalemHdwewasRight

    LOL Poor Neil… Believed Obama’s lies! Your Hope has fizzled but you still have time to change. Start watching the Fox News Network every night and slowly you will be informed. We will give you time Neil. Beck can help you understand the harm of your careless vote. Buy a few books and newspapers and educate yourself on the issues and current event’s. Maybe these silly blogs are holding you back. Stop wasting time and set a goal to be better educated and informed. Good Luck Neil

  32. Hey Neil,
    I am an American Veteran of war. I fought for my country so citizens like “Salem Hardware” could speak freely. Not say what “YOU” want them to say, or believe what “YOU” want them to believe. The Hypocrisy of your side overwelms me. And you are correct, this isnt about Obama, it’s about freedom and perserving the greatest nation this planet has ever seen. I don’t care if Obama and his leftwing crew are flaming orange with yellow dots, color doesnt matter, content of character does. But as soon as anyone say’s the slightest thing negative about Obama we are told we are Racist, bigot’s and haters. I fought alongside Blacks,Whites,Browns,Yellows,Reds and Etc in Iraq and they will all tell you that I am not a Racist or a Bigot, but I have to admit, they “Will” tell you I’m a”Hater”……I’m a Hater of anyone that hates my country…I’m a Hater of anyone who want’s to take mine and my childrens freedoms……I’m a Hater of anyone or any organization that wants to “fundamentally transform or “Change” the greatest, most free and most giving nation in the world. I’m a Hater of the Socialist movement that is taking over this country because of ignorant liberal minds like yours and your spreading of this doomed to fail movement. You see Neil, I do hate you…….but “Thank God” for you……we live in America…..speak freely. It doesnt matter what I think……. (and if you want an example of racism or bigotry,please watch some of Obama’s recent (Nov 2nd) campaign footage)(again, such hipocrisy)
    Bumper sticker of the year…..Liberals love free speech….until you disagree with them.

  33. Claims of racism, bigotry and hatred are the swan song of those who simply cannot win the argument on it’s merit. History has deemed Salem Hardwares depiction of the president accurately; un-american in his policies, muslim coddling, wealth redistributing socialist. Any other interpretation is simply dishonest. Time to face reality, The majority will shun this guy at polls until he is no longer in power. Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.

  34. Let me just sum it up again, folks. Salem hardware can put any darn sign up they want on their property. I don’t care. You all can write anything you want here, I won’t delete it either. We all agree with that right.

    Where we disagree is the message of that sign. I saw it as bigotry. My opinion, I stand by it.

    And another thing, since we’re talking about the rights of us American citizens. As I recall it, President Barack Obama was elected President of the United States legally in 2008. He was elected by the largest majority in a number of years, and continues to hold that office until his term is up in about two more years. You may not happen to like that fact, but there it is. All your whining, name calling and hatred are not going to change that one little bit.

    We disagree. Have a nice day.

  35. This sign is an exact depiction of what happened after Obama was elected. For those of you with your head in the sand (or other places), we give you a big “we told you so”. If you cannot figure this out, then you are not educated enough in economics, politics, or SOCIALISM to even give an informed opinion. By the way, if political satire was aimed at Bush by a black politician, this would not be considered racist. If you disagree with this, then you are obviously a liberal with a socialist agenda looking for the next handout.

  36. Gimme a break. It was considered free speech to hang President George Bush in effigy, with Nazi insignias on him, but a humorous Obama-related poster is out of line? Grow up, my children. Relocate your sense of humor.
    Without it, life becomes a loser. Straighten your spine, take some deep breaths, and remember, Keep Smiling!

  37. SealsRknocking

    Time for Neal to look in the mirror and look at a total fool. Your hero has proven to be the Worst President in American History. How did Salem Hardware know Obama was a Muslim? The Facts were obvious in 2008 and are sadly as obvious today. The question is when will this fake be charged with treason and face the consequences. Neal- until you have the answers to all the gray areas of this individual and his wife- please do not show your ignorance. I certainly have the questions and some of the disturbing answers. Do you have the answers or care to know the Questions?

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