Yes We Can!

As I perused my ballot, two large pages, heavy in text on both sides, I felt the significance and history of the moment. Leaving the polling place on a golden fall morning, the honor and privilege to be able to vote was on my mind.

By 7:30 on a pleasant fall evening, the television was tuned to the election returns, with the expectation of a long evening laying ahead.  As I emailed my son in Pittsburgh, the computers and pollsters projected an Obama victory in his now home state of Pennsylvania.  Then Candidate Obama was one step closer.  A hour later, Ohio went the same way.

By 11pm, Senator McCain was calling President Elect Obama, and graciously speaking to his hard working supporters and a watching nation.  Finally, around midnight, Barack Obama, the 44th President of the United States spoke to the world.

There were few dry eyes in that Grant Park crowd, these eyes are not dry even as I write this, while listening to portions of his speech on the morning news.

“Yes we can!”

Yes. We can move forward undivided. Yes, we can have hope for our future and the future of our children. We can elect a black man to the highest office in these United States.

“Yes we can!”


6 responses to “Yes We Can!

  1. Yes, we did! There is much more to do. Can we do it? (I think you know the answer to that!)

  2. There is a lot to do, Paula. And there is a lot of hope!

  3. The world breathes a huge sigh of relief knowing that the United States will be in perhaps the ablest hands it’s had at the helm in generations. I cried as I voted, and continue crying when I think or talk or write about it.

  4. YES WE DID! I am still teary eyed though it is 2 days later. We have set the course for our childrens future instead of a fall backwards in time. There’s so much more to do, but at least we are on the right path!

  5. One week plus and I’m still elated and hopeful.

  6. Not one, but THREE times they did a voice vote and each time the “no’s” got louder and were at least equal to the yes’s. This event shows the splits within the party. This is far from a successful convention and they are tripping up with something amost daily. Meanwhile, outlets like CBS and especially MSNBC are working overtime to cover these fumbles. The result of the platform changes I will bet result in many Dems being disallusioned and staying home on election day. If they’d left the platform alone this wouldn’t be an issue but as it is – pandering to the far left base of the party has ripped a scab off and made things worse. Keep up the good work. Clinton’s speech was the highlight of the convention and he’ll overshadow Obama’s speech. It is funny, Dems talk about the Republican convention as being about old values and yet, Dems live in the past, still running against Bush and running Clinton for President because Obama is such a dud. How weird is that?

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