Veteran’s Day

My only excuse for not posting an article honoring our Veterans is that my mind was occupied yesterday, on that eleventh day of the eleventh month, with other serious matters.

Those courageous men and women who have served and continue to serve our nation, especially in time of war, should be remembered and honored.  Whether or not we believe a war is right, these folks served and put their life on the line for their nation.

Sanford Watzman, my father, was such a man.  He served in the Pacific during World War II, enlisting in the Army on his 21st birthday, one day after Pearl Harbor was attacked.  In the honor and memory of all Veterans, I’ve posted some links to my father’s story below.


5 responses to “Veteran’s Day

  1. Ok what am I doing wrong? I’m clicking on the links to your dads story and it asks me to log in. I log in and it tells me I can’t edit your post.

    The only tribute to Veterans in Cleveland Monday that I saw were by local retailers advertising sales. There was that moment when my Mom looked over at my daughter and wished her a happy Veterans day (they are both Veterans). It’s a sad commentary on the state of our country when the vast majority of its people can’t, won’t or just don’t observe the sacrifices of those who did put “Country First.”

  2. You are doing nothing wrong, Catty. The links were wrong and are now fixed.

  3. What a nice tribute to your dad. Thanks for sharing it. Honey’s dad was in France. He won’t talk about it. My grandmother, father and aunt came to the USA as refuges. Grandma used to tell some really terrible stories.

  4. My father would not talk about the war either. It was only when I got him to write it down that he was able to describe what he did. Even then, I know there is more that is now left untold.

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