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Hell Is Real?

Drive south from Columbus, Ohio on Interstate 71. About halfway to Cincinnati, on the east side of the highway, check for the following sign out in the middle of a corn field.

Found on Interstate 71 in Ohio

Sign on Interstate 71 in Ohio

And if that thought doesn’t just shake your bones, once you get to Cincinnati, head north on Interstate 75. Brace yourself as you get to Exit 29, the Monroe Exit. Immediately after the porn shop signs and flea markets, look on the east side of the freeway for Butter Jesus. And brace yourself…

Butter Jesus in Monroe, Ohio

Although both of these are a bit much to believe for a born Jew, now UU, they are truly shocking and maybe just a bit absurd.

I know I’ve asked this question before in this blog, but what kind of religion is this???

Certainly not about peace and good works.